Reply To: Problems faced by working women with fertility issues

Alexis_Bauer Alexis Bauer 

Hello Lakshmi. I hope you are at the best of your health. Yes it can get too much. yes you may be confused for a while. But please dont dishearten. You will slowly learn to get the hang of it. You will learn how to manage your time. Dont be too hard on yourself. you already are doing a great job. You are in a process of a miracle. Just relax, read some articles about time management. Dont overflow your to do list. Each day focus on the 3 most important tasks that need to be done. Do not write down the side quests. Because if you do, then you will keep doing the side quests and wont do the main quest. Prioritize and work accordingly. Most important go easy on yourself. Best of luck for your future endeavours.

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