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Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

Hello dear. I hope you are doing fine. So sorry to hear about your infertility. You are going through a very tough time. It is not easy to deal with infertility. It is the most devastating disease. It kills a woman from inside. You have to face this situation bravely. I also felt bad at you failure in IVF. Do not lose hope dear. Failure is also a part of life. After all, life is a name of ups and downs. It made me really sad when I hear about someone’s infertility. I can understand this situation because I have gone through it. Do not get dishearted. This is not the end. I have heard about another treatment named surrogacy. It always gets success. I friend of mine have her baby through surrogacy. It is a blessing of science. I will pray for you. Mau God bless you with your baby. Goodbye and take care. “

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