Reply To: Problems faced by working women with fertility issues

Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

Hey, hope you are doing well. The only suggestion i have for you is to be strong. Life is never going to be easy for anyone of us. It gets harder and harder at times. Be strong, it is the only key you will feel relaxed and get away with the burden. And a relaxed mind can deal things more easily. A relaxed can work more efficiently. And one more thing, prioritize things. I think then it will be easy for you to think what matters to you the most. And also struggling with my infertility for so long. And Its hard for me to even breathe sometimes. so i can literally understand how are you feeling right now. But being strong is the only key. I am planning for my surrogacy these days so my first priority is my process. I am focusing on it completely. I hope things work out for you. And also things work out for me as well. Sending you so much love and prayers. Take good care of yourself. And try to be as relax as you can be.

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