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Amelia_daisy Amelia daisy 

Infertility is a curse. It is a devastating disese. A woman loses all her hope at this time. Infertility is not easy to deal with. I have seen many couples facing infertility. The one who keep try and seek out for solution always get success. Infertility is not a big issue nowadays. Many cures for infertility has been introduced. Medical science is growing in the ground of infertility. Treatments like IVF and surrogacy has been introduced for infertility. They are a blessing of science. I have seen many couples who became parents through these treatments. They are the most successful treatments. I friend of mine faced infertility. She faced three miscarriages after her marriage. She came to know about treatment named surrogacy. She took surrogacy and got success in having a child. She is enjoying a happy parental life now. `

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