Reply To: Who is your supporter during your life journey?

Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

Hey, hope you are doing well. This post grabbed my attention. And this reminded me of my only support i have in my life. And sometimes i feel so lucky to have that support. I wonder am i that lucky that God sent him in my life! He is the only one, my only support, my soul mate, my husband. I love him so much. We got married 10 years back. and its been so long since we are together. We have faced a lot together but the only person i saw standing by me is my husband. Even i couldn’t do anything for him except causing troubles in his life. But his love for me increased over time. I was diagnosed infertility 8 years back. We tried each and every medication and treatment but nothing worked. We faced constant disappointment and failure in past 8 years. Btu he never complained. I am soon planning for my surrogacy.And he is supportive. Without him, i would have never survived this long. I hope this time things work for us. I want to give him all the happiness of the world.

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