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Iris_Watson Iris Watson 

Hey, hope you are doing well. I am new here on this forum. I have been signing in to many forums for so long. As i have found many relatable things on different forums. I am an infertile also. And There is no as such cause of my infertility. I had 3 miscarriages 3 year back. And I never quit TTC after that even. I tried many treatments, medicines but nothing worked. Doctors say i am physically fit for pregnancy. But seems like i will never be able to conceive. All i see the darkness around myself. Things are getting harder for me now. My husband is slowly losing interest in me. And i am helpless all the way. I don’t know how to things work. There is not a single hope left in my life. Infertility has cursed my life so bad. I was recommended surrogacy and IVF also. But i am scared it it will work for me or not. If any procedure didn’t work, i am scared, i will lose my husband forever. I need prayers. Life is so hard these days.

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