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Hi Hetal,

Dr Vinita Salvi @ seven hills hospital is good.
Just to share my experience in Mumbai in past 4 years – i’ve visited multiple doctors ranging from Chembur (Dr Sudha Tandon) to Bandra (Dr Hrishikesh Pai) to Andheri (Dr Vinita Salvi) and a few more… Ahh Finally i settled for Dr Prakesh Trivedi & Dr Priti Trivedi @ Ghatkopar. Its important we find a doctor with whom we can connect – Which is quite a task given the 5 minutes interaction that we get with these practitioners.

As per an EY report there are a handful Doctors in India who actually are experts in ART. So finding the one who is just right for you may not be as easy. I can understand the stress of finding the right doctor.

Wish you luck

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