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Astha astha mishra 


My husband and I am 34 and have been trying to conceive for 4 years now. In the first year I conceived naturally twice but both the pregnancies ended in miscarriage in 6-7 weeks. All my tests were normal except an elevated TSH. After that my doctor started ovulation induction on me thinking my thyroid levels have compromised the egg quality.
I tried 3 cycles of ovulation induction but did not work. On top of that it gave me serious anxiety so I stopped. After this I found out that I have stopped ovulating on my own (probably because of thyroid disorder). So I drowned myself in thyroid and infertility research. After a few months I met an endocrinologist who asked me to get tested for thyroid antibodies, which came out to be quite high. He increased my thyroxine dose but my symptoms did not change.
By this time I was so stressed that I felt like running away.
While researching on Hashimoto’s thyroiditis I got to know about a medicine called Armour which is available in the US which is made from the thyroid gland of pigs and helps in treating thyroid antibodies. This is when I came across an endocrinologist Dr. Vivek Kidambi who has a clinic in Bangalore. I sent him all my reports and scheduled an appointment with him, he got me tested for all the hormones and vitamin deficiencies. I found out that my Vit B12, vit D were all dangerously low. He put me on supplements along with compounded thyroid that would help fight the antibodies. In 5 months I started ovulating on my own. I tried to get pregnant for 5 months and then decided to go for IVF.
All my hormones as well as vitamin deficiencies were in check now. In my first cycle we got 8 embryos ready and the doctor decided to freeze and transfer in the next month. they thawed 4 embryos and 3 survived and were transferred.
In fourteen days I took a UPT and it was positive. Everything was fine according to my doctor. In one week started having pinkish spotting but the doctor told me not to worry as this was common in IVF because they had given drugs for making the endometrium lining thick and thus the body was releasing excess blood.
Everything was fine until the 8 week scan. We also got a heartbeat but in the 8 week scan the radiologist said that the gestational sac was a bit smaller than expected. My doctor asked me to start giving myself heparin shots everyday and said this would fix everything.
In the 10 week scan the doctor did my scan herself and told me it was a missed abortion. The radiologist said there was no heartbeat and that the gestational sac had not grown since 3 weeks.
I had to go through D&E and the PoC was tested for chromosomal abnormalities and finally we found out that the fetus had severe triploidy/trisomy. She has now asked me to talk a genetic counselor and decide what to do.
My research says my options are either IVF with PGD or egg donor.
Can someone help?

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