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Arpan_Chakraborty Arpan Chakraborty 

Hello.I am 29 years of old.Height 5’9″.Weight 76kgs.Very less physically active.I also have indirect inguinal hernia in left side with mild reactive hydrosile.My food habits are not very good.I take salds,curds,chicken (Regular Basis) Basically I am very much prone to Junk foods.During the rest I used to smoke.I didn’t smoke since 2months.I am married for one year.My wife had misscarriage in last November in first trimester.On that occasion I went to a Gyno she asked me to undergo a semen analysis.Here it is.I came up with the lab report.She seemed to be less concerned about my ‘Teratozoospermia’ report.She said as long as there is enough sperm production there is nothing to worry about.This may cause Beacause of Infections or some other causes.I want to know how to interpret this analysis and how to overcome Teratozoospermia

Period of Abstinence – 2Days

(Physical Characteristics)
Volume – 2.3ml
Colour – Grey Opalescent
Viscosity – Normal
pH – Normal

(Microscopic Characteristics)
Sperm Concentration – 61.0 mollion/ml
Total Motility – 68℅

Progressive – 46℅
Non-Progressive – 22%
Immotile – 32%

Normal – 2%
Pin Head – 3%
Head Defect – 52%
Neck Defect – 33%
Tail Defect – 6%
Cytoplasmic droplets – 4%
Pus Cells – 2-3 /hpf
RBC’s –
Epithelial cells – 0-1 / hpf
Agglutination –

Spermatogonial Diagnosis – Teratozoospermia

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