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HariSrinivasan Hari Srinivasan 

Dear Mahie Raghu,
I understand your situation, it is not easy for you or your husband. The wife usually finds it more difficult to cope with an IVF failure. But please remember, there are always options. Was this IVF cycle done with your eggs or donor eggs? Why was IVF recommended to you? How many embryos did you get finally, and what quality? Give a little more info please.
I have a friend who underwent 4 cycles of IUI with her husband’s sperms, 2 cycles of IUI with donor sperms, 1 cycle of IVF with her eggs and husband sperms, 1 cycle with donor eggs and husband sperms. All of them gave negative result. Then the couple underwent a cycle with wife’s eggs and donor sperms and it clicked. She went through all of this at the same centre (a reputed one in Bangalore). I asked her why she did not change over to a different center. She told me an amazing answer – “when digging a well, if the digger goes 30 feet deep, does not find water and moves to another location and starts digging again, it makes no sense. Similarly, working with the same doctor and team (with whom I am comfortable) makes more sense because they know me and my case. Every failure is a lesson on what could be wrong and an improvement can be done in the next attempt.”
She eventually had twins – 2 boys and is very happy now.
Sometimes, life tests us. We have to really give it everything that we have to achieve something. Remember this !!! Don’t give up. There are always options. Talk to the right people and find the right doctor for your journey towards becoming a mother.
Wishing you all the very best and abundance of joy and happiness !!!

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