Reply To: How do infertility treatments work and how effective are they?

Kaku Kukikuki 

I am trying to conceive for last one year. In the meantime, I have undergone laparoscopic surgery for ovarian cyst removal in April,2017. I had cyst in left ovary and a fibroid in uterus. During surgery, the cyst and fibroid were removed and HSG was done. HSG showed that i have bilateral Fallopian tube blockage. there are severe adhesions in pelvic regions. The gynaecologist recommends IVF for pregnancy. One month post surgery, I consulted an IVF specialist. he checked for AMH and endometrium lining on day 23rd of my cycle. AMH is 0.83 and endometrium lining is 6 mm. Both are below the standard normal range. He recommended DHEA tablet and a food supplement for 3 months. I was wondering if anyone of you have similar experience? If AMH and endometrium lining are affected because of the laproscopic surgery? Can you recommend any good fertility specialist in India? What is the approx. cost incurred for IVF? Thanking you in advance.

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